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Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Lynda Dobbin Turner

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Won’t Say Goodbye

I watched the sun rise up this morning,
just like it did yesterday.
It’s funny how so much goes on the same,
when everything has changed.
Did I not tell you all I should have,
I hope you read between the lines.
We would have done more if we could have,
but we just ran out of time.


So I won’t say goodbye, just see you later.
I won’t say goodbye, I’ll see you soon.
And I won’t say that I’ll get by without you, ‘cause that just isn’t true.
For you will always be right here inside my heart, no matter what I do.
They tell me time will make this better,
and someday take this hurt away.
The memories, photographs and letters
will one day take it’s place.
The love you left behind will be here,
and it will keep our circle strong.
We’ll learn the things we must without you,
‘til we’re all back where we belong,


And I won’t forget, how much it meant,
that I once had you here.
And when I’m sitting quietly,
I still can feel you near.

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