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Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Lynda Dobbin Turner

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When You look at Me (Shane's Song)

When you look at me, don’t just see what your eyes see…
A body that won’t listen to my will.
If you’ll just look inside, soon you’ll realize,
There’s a fire that these struggles cannot kill.
See my heart, see my spirit, see the light that shines in me
See the love I could offer, and the friend that I could be,
All I ask when you see me,
please don’t only see what it is that your eyes alone see.

And when you talk to me, feel the words that I can’t say.
They’re in me, but they’re locked so deep inside.
It’s not that I don’t know, and it’s not that I don’t care,
And you’ll know that if you look me in the eyes.
Hear my heart, hear my spirit, hear the voice that lives in me.
Hear the love I can offer, and the friend that I could be
All I ask when you’re with me, please don’t only hear
just those words that might fall upon your ears.

The way we travel’s different, but the road we’re on is the same.
And if you’ll journey with me, I know you’ll be glad you came.
There are things we each can offer, and lesson’s we can share,
But you’re never going to know that
if you don’t meet me half way there…
So spend some time with me, and get to know just who I am
Know my laugh, know my smile, know my soul.
I can listen if you need, if you have secrets I will keep them
Or I can simply sit and be a hand to hold.
Know my heart, know my spirit, know the light that shines in me,
Know the love I can offer, and the Friend that I can be
All I ask when you’re with me, open up your heart and see, all the things
that make up the whole of me…
And don’t only see what it is your eyes see,
There’s more to me…
Than just what you see.

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