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Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Lynda Dobbin Turner

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When She Dreams

In her dreams she sees a place close to the water.
Where she can watch the moonlight dancing on the waves,
But when she wakes up and pours her morning coffee,
She starts another ordinary, prairie day.
And there are miles between her world, and where that place lies,
And there are years between her life and those sweet dreams,
But there’s no time to think about that in the day light,
Because her life’s so full it’s busting at the seams.


She’s got the house, the chores, the kids in sports,
And a job so the bills get paid.
She’s got a man that needs a little tenderness
at the end of his long day,
She’s got people counting on her,
she’s pulled a hundred different ways.
But when she dreams, Oh when she dreams…
When she dreams she dreams of a place close to the ocean,
Where she can smell the salt and hear those rumbling waves,
Where there is time and space to put her gifts in motion,
But when she wakes up life isn’t quite that way.


When she’s awake she knows there’s nothing
she would change about her life.
She loves being a mother, and she loves being his wife,
They’re just running ‘round in circles,
they’re so busy now it seems…
That the only place she slows up is in those dreams.
‘Cause when she dreams, she dreams
that her husband’s still her husband.
And the kids she loves are the same one’s she has there,
The only difference is the time they spend together.
There seems to be a lot more time and a lot less care.

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