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Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Lynda Dobbin Turner

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Tomorrow’s a Better Day

All the things that hide out
in the corners of our minds,
Jumbled names and faces
that we thought we’d left behind
Angry words thrown by a lover,
the betrayal of a friend,
Things we thought that we’d long buried,
just keep rising up again.
The would haves and the should haves
and the wish that I had saids,
Almost make you dizzy as they circle in your head
Just when you think you rise above them,
they bring you down again,
But I’ve found a solution,
that can help to ease the pain


Take a plain white piece of paper,
and write the words all out,
Then you crumple it and light a match,
and when the flames burned itself out,
Take the ashes to the back yard,
and let the wind take them away,
And as they drift off in the distance,
you remind yourself.
Tomorrow’s a better day.
You can’t go on beating yourself up
for old mistakes you made,
In the wisdom you’ve acquired,
they’re part of the price you paid,
So give yourself permission,
to free yourself at last,
Make a firm decision, to let the past lie in the past


Tomorrow…it’ll all seem clearer,
Tomorrow…the answers will feel nearer
Tomorrow…this day will be a dream,
Tomorrow you will see just what I mean.

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