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On That Farm Back Home

Pounding staples, fixing fence,
Straightening out the ones all bent
He’s moving forward but he’s looking back.
Sees he’s followed in his Daddy’s tracks.
It was 1963, He never thought that he would be
Here, doing just the thing his old man did,
But he’s got a wife, and there’s three small kids.
So he traded in his favorite traveling boots,
For that chance that they could grow some solid roots
In that same land where he once had grown his own,
on that farm back home.


And never once did he think twice,
or see the choice that he’d made as a sacrifice
He knew in this life you reap what you’ve sown.
And for every dream that he saw fade away,
a new one came to take it’s place,
That was stronger ‘cause he never dreamt alone,
on that farm back home,
The years slipped quickly through his grasp.
Before he knew it he’d watched his last son
Heading on his way out through the door,
just like he’d done all those years before.
He’d heard the call that Uncle Sam,
Was looking for a few good men and
Something told him that he had to go,
though what he’d find there he didn’t know,
But he traded in the safety of his roots,
And he polished up their standard issue boots
To defend the country and the life he’d known,
On that farm back home.


A few years later down the road, that youngest son returned
With the battle scars he carried and the lessons he had learned,
And the dream of doing just the thing his own old man had done,
So he could pass

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