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Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Lynda Dobbin Turner

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Life Is a Journey

Life is a journey, that takes us all from who we are,
to our destiny
And each stepping stone, every road we choose,
Every time we win and each time we lose.
Will lead us, to who we’re meant to be.
Looking at the pictures of myself at seventeen,
I find it so hard to imagine, that naive girl was me.
There were big dreams and ambitions that were never realized,
And there was hope and there was passion…
I still see that in my eyes.
And all the heartaches and all the heartbreaks
and all the mistakes that I’ve made,
Well you put them with what I’ve done right,
and that’s who I am today.


There were times I cried my eyes out
wondering how I’d been that wrong,
And there were times that left me breathless,
there were times that made me strong,
But each time a stormcloud parted,
and I could see that sun again,
I saw that I had never been alone,
I had my family and my friends,
And all the lessons, and all the questions,
and all the memories that I’ve made
Are the things that I hold closest, out of everything I’ve gained.


And if I could write a letter to that girl I was back then,
I’d tell her, it’ll be alright you know, you be yourself and then..
(you’ll find that…)

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