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Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Lynda Dobbin Turner

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Each of us have heroes in our lives,
And usually they're not even aware,
Of how the strength they have helps to carry us,
Through the times we didn't think that we could bear.
And they show up in the most unlikely places,
If you're looking I can't tell you where to start,
Because there's nothing extraordinary in their faces,
You can only tell a hero by their heart.

The little boy that sits beside me, will never walk or talk or run,
But when he reaches out to hold my hand, his smile says "I love you mom',
And he don't know how many times that smile has picked my spirits up,
And he don't know how close, how often, his mom's come to giving up.
He only knows the love he gives to her somehow helps her to get by,
Though that body may be broken, there's a hero deep inside.


The man that softly sleeps beside me, could have turned his back and ran.
But he chose to stick it out with me, and he loves me as I am.
He's picked me up so many times when I was falling,
And we keep working towards tomorrow side by side,
And he'd be the very last one to admit it.
But that man of mine's a hero in my eyes.

Nearly fifty years of marriage lie between the two of them,
But they're as in love at this moment, as they were a way back then,
The world has never seen two stronger, steadfast parents,
And to have grown up in their love, well lucky me.
They're an example of exactly what we wish for,
They were my heroes then and they will always be.


©2005 Lynda Dobbin-Turner

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