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Have a Little Faith

I know it’s bad, I know how this hurts,
You’ve been through tough times before,
but this time it’s worse.
You felt your heart break,
and shatter deep in your breast,
And it makes no sense at all
when people say it’s for the best.
Everything you thought you knew has changed.
And the future you’d laid out so clearly
has all be rearranged.
And the only way around is right through this,
you’ll find that further down the line.
And the only way to get there
is taking one step at a time,
And know it will get easier one day,
Believe in your heart, trust yourself
and have a little faith.
Don’t be afraid, your memories won’t fade away.
As the pain starts getting weaker,
they’ll grow stronger every day.
It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel bad,
You know a million people in this world,
have never once had what you had.
The love you know will always feel this strong,
Because the ones that we keep in our hearts,
they’re never really gone.
Reach out to those you count on,
do what you have to, to get by.
There is no right way to do this,
still you have to

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