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Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Lynda Dobbin Turner

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Don't let the past predict your future, don't let that old life, spoil the new.
Don't let your fears blur your vision, and to your dreams try to be true.

There are times that we all go through,
When each bad day lasts a week.
Seems like the world falls down around you
And the outcome looks so bleak.
We all know good times are coming,
But they can't come soon enough.
And though you try to keep your chin up,
There are days' that's pretty tough.


It's in these times that we all tend
To dwell on what's behind.
We only see our mistakes of our past,
And to the future we are blind
And every hurt we've ever had,
Gets magnified again,
We're so scared to open ourselves up,
We're so tired of the pain.

But I don't think there's anyone,
Who's not been hurt before.
And just think how sad those lives would be
If they hadn't tried once more.
So if you have to look behind you,
Look at the good times that you've seen.
Then look ahead to what you want now,
Forget about what might have been.

Repeat chorus:

©2005 Lynda Dobbin-Turner

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