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Bringing Winston Home

Father’s Day 1994,
a little band of travellers came to our door.
And asked if we could help them out.
They’d been looking for hours and were quite lost,
did we know where the ferry used to cross?
And then they told us what it was about.
See, Dad had passed away last fall,
and he made them promise one and all,

That when the spring time came
they’d take his ashes back.To the place he’d loved when he was a child,
where youth was innocent and dreams ran wild,
But he was 85 years old, now they’d lost track.
And they could not have known,
They were bringing Winston home.

He’d been raised by his Grandpa,
and they said his name,
We realized it was just the same family,
who had lived here years ago.
When they realized what it was they’d found,
they asked if they could take a look around,
So we took them to a special place we know.
Where you can see for miles and miles around,
and watch the river wind below.
Then they sprinkled a few ashes
at the base of a big old oak.
And they could not have known,
They were bringing Winston home.


I later asked a few old timers,
if his name did ring a bell.
They said yes that they’d grown up with him,
and they’d known him really well,
Then a chill ran up and down me
as their story did unfold.
But the part that haunts me yet is when they told
Winston’s Grandpa’d been the ferry man,
and one thing Winston could do was swim,
So he taught all the others what he knew.
But the river ran so far below,
so he made a ladder out of chunks of rope,
So they could pull themselves back up
when the fun was through.
Then they tied it to an old oak tree,
and when they made there way up top.
They’d lean against it’s trunk for hours and hours
and laugh and joke and talk.
And now all of us know,
that Winston found his way back home.
And now all of us know,
that Winston’s safe at home.

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