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Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Lynda Dobbin Turner

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There's a knock, knock, knock on my door,
It's the middle of the night
You say you were just passing through and you noticed my light,
Well it wasn't on, so move along…..'cause I ain't got time.
Now you're telling me you're sorry for the things you've put me through,
And it would mean so much if I'd just have one drink with you,
Well that sounds nice, but I know your price, and I ain't got time.

No, no, no I ain't got time for the heartache, I don't have no time for the pain.
Ain't got time for the hurt I know you're gonna put me through again.
Those words you say they're pretty, but I've heard them all before,
And after five or six times they don't mean too much no more.
So do what you want with your own, but please quit wasting mine
'cause the one thing I don't have for you baby, is any more time.

Well you made me feel so special when you first possessed my world,
I didn't know that I was one of umpteen other girls,
Well love is blind, but now I don't mind, 'cause I ain't got time.
So you hop back in that pickup, you go back from where you came.
Don't you stand there looking sorry, you just have yourself to blame,
Well I was burned, but now I've learned, and I ain't got time.


Now you're standing staring at me like I just said something strange,
Well, I might have been your fool back then, but now this fool's done changed,
And those promises are pretty, but I know that they won't last.
I may not be a scholar, but I do learn pretty fast.
So do what you want with your own, but would you please quit wasting mine,
'cause the one think I don't have for you baby, is anymore time.
I ain't got time….
I ain't got time,
Got no more time…

©2005 Lynda Dobbin-Turner

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