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Age activated attention deficit disorder
is what I’ve got.
And I’d hazard a guess there’s not a lady
who is listening over forty who has not
Had some of the symptoms
and some of the struggles this diagnosis caused me.
But I’m happy to find I am not losing my mind…
I just have AAADD.
Starts out in the morning go to gather the mail,
See how dirty the car is and think what the hell,
Today would be a good day to give it a wash.
But heading back to the house
my flower beds catch my eye…
Gosh they all look so wilted and dry,
I’m going to give them a drink first,
before they’re lost.
Heading back in the house
I set the mail by the sink,
Then I walk past the garbage
and think whewy that stinks!
Maybe I should take the trash out first!
But if I’m taking out the trash
I ought to sort through the mail,
Why’d I come to the kitchen, oh ya, I need a pail.
Where’s my coffee cup…I’m dying of thirst.


I got my mail in my hands,
I might as well pay the bills,
So I head to the office…there’s my coffee…it spills,
Back to the kitchen I go to get a mop.
But as I’m heading down the hall
I hear the fish tank needs water,
Shoot I have to make a call to my daughter,
Then I hear the laundry timer stop.
Well if I’m going downstairs
I ought to gather a load,
Then in the kids bedroom I find the remote,
I’m going to put that darn thing
back where it belongs!
And as I head to the den I see the day is half over,
Shoot I forgot I’m supposed to feed Rover,
And that’s just how my whole day carries on.
Then at five o’clock,
my man walks through the door,
I’m no further ahead then I was before.
He say’s “How was your day,
boy you sure look beat!”
Well I’m exhausted, I’m dead on my feet…
But if I think about my day,
All that I can truly say…
Is the car ain’t washed,
the flowers aren’t watered,
The remote is lost,
I haven’t talked to our daughter,
There’s a coffee stain on the office floor,
and the garbage is still sitting right there by the door.
The laundry ain’t done, and the bills aren’t paid,
So all in all it’s really been a very typical day…


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