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Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Lynda Dobbin Turner

By 1991, Lynda Dobbin-Turner (nee Dickson) was immersing herself in her passion for music. She'd been singing publicly since the age of 7 and had been playing guitar and writing since the age of 15. While always working fulltime to support herself, evenings were often spent writing and weekends were spent performing as the lead female vocalist for local country band "Prairie Wind". For several years running, Lynda consistently placed in the top 3rd of the provincial songwriting competitions sponsored by Budwieser.


All was put on hold in January of 1992 when Lynda's only child was born and shortly thereafter diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

For the next 13 years, Lynda devoted herself to the meeting the many challenging needs of her son. Along the way, she married; learned how to farm, lost her first husband to cancer; took over managing the farm; beat cancer herself; and remarried.

In April of 2005, Lynda returned to writing, armed with a wealth of new experiences to write about. She rediscovered her passion for the music that had been the centre of her life for so long, and in the fall of 2005, thanks to the hard work of brother Michael James Dickson and with the support of her family, Lynda fulfilled a 30 year dream and recorded her first CD entitled "Reflections,"which was released in 2006. The CD is a collection of 15 songs that Lynda has written through the years, 1/3 of them were written 2 months prior to recording. 
 The positive feedback following the CD's reignited her passion for both music and writing, and in June of 2009, Lynda started work on a second CD.  It was felt that the CD was finished in January of 2009, but things weren’t falling into place properly.  Lynda couldn’t decide on a cover, nor a title for the album.  The sudden passing of her son, Shane Dickson, in March of 2009 made her realize that production was stalled because the album wasn’t finished, and in working towards dealing with that traumatic loss, more songs were born that had to become part of the project.

Was released in September of 2009.  It is dedicated to the memory of her beautiful son, and a tribute to a life well lived.  Along with the songs of loss, are tales of moving forward, life as it opens and a smattering of humor about the challenges of moving through the stages of our lives.

Lynda started a memorial fund in Shane’s name in June of 2009.  The “Shane Dickson Memorial Award” recognizes and awards graduating students who best represent what inclusion means by how they support and respect others, regardless of differences.  She knows what that philosophy meant in the life of her son, and recognizes its importance in the lives of countless others.  A portion of the sales from each CD sold goes towards ensuring that memorial fund can grow and continue for many years to come!

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